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ECO friendly products for your home
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Go Green at Home with Amaroo Eco

We are all about finding you top quality, economical, environmentally sustainable products for your home and family.

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In the beginning…..

We literally stumbled across Soap Nuts one day when we were out looking for environmentally friendly ideas for our own home. We were so impressed that we thought everyone should be using them. This was the inspiration for starting Go Green at Home.

Before too long we added the Award winning Environmental Toothbrush to our range.  Soon after we received the ‘ Green Invention Award 2009’ & ‘People’s Choice Award 2009’ as well as the Highly Commended for the Green Lifestyle Awards in 2012 & 2013.

Our range of high quality Microfibre cloths will eliminate dirt and germs without the use of any chemicals. They are effective without any chemicals whatsoever. If you want some extra cleaning power make up a cleaning solution with a few Soap Nuts.

Explore our range of Affordable Eco-Friendly products and how easy to use (with recipes) on the products page and how awesome they are on the Testimonials testimonials page.

Overseas customers will need to contact us directly.