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I am just SO IMPRESSED!!!

Truly, I used the soap nuts on the weekend. Did 7 loads of washing using only 3 nuts. Then I made some liquid soap.I’ve washed my hair and washed the dog too. Nothing I’ve tried in the past cleans glass as good as the liquid soap did. I was so impressed that I’ve been passing samples to friends and colleagues. Thanks again. – Deb

I cannot praise the Soap Nuts highly enough….

I am extremely sensitive to salicylates and have to be meticulous in what I eat and place on my skin, and this latter includes almost all cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, soaps, and so forth, so for years I have washed all my clothing and linen in Eucalyptus Wool Wash. I saw an advertisement for Soap Nuts (in the Readers’ Digest Magazine I think) and decided to cautiously test the waters as it were. I have now been using Soap Nuts for several months and I have had no adverse reaction and as a delightful plus, my laundry has become brighter and brighter with each wash. I am so delighted, I just had to share my joy with you. Thank You! I am so thrilled to find something which does not make me itch and break out in a horrible rash, but leave the laundry SWEET. I cannot express how grateful I am to you for sourcing this ‘stuff’. – Pheobe

Well well…… I am absolutely amazed at the discovery of Soap Nuts.

When a client first mentioned the concept of a soapless washing product my curiosity was raised. Sometime later she gave me some of your Soap Nuts to use. They sat on my front loading washing machine for a number of weeks, even a couple of months, until I found out more about them and how they worked. This concept was something that I simply could not get my head around. Eventually I accessed information on your website, read the testimonials and I used the Soap Nuts on the same day. I am astonished at the effectiveness of this product after using Soap Nuts in 4/5 washes now. I have shared this experience with a friend and her curiosity is now raised, as mine was, at the idea of not using a mainstream soap powder product. Just as I did, she never imagined anything other than washing clothes in a soap product. I am taking the Soap Nuts to show my friend tomorrow as she is really keen to find out more information about them. Like me and other like minded people she is very keen to use health promoting products and to reduce her impact on the environment. So there you go ‘Go Green’ thank you for your wonderful product….I feel much ‘Greener’ now thanks to you. – Shirley

Love your products

Love your products, the big one (tea towel) we now use in the bathroom, My husband reckons it’s better than the old E*** one, perhaps because that is a few years old. Anyway, we are happy with it. I love the dish washing square, it’s great. However, I have to agree with Lee-Ann that the soap nuts are my favourite. They have removed a stain from a cloth that I have tried and tried to remove, and this with just one wash! I am amazed that my washing is still nice and soft, without conditioner. Now I want to try making the shampoo. Thanks for a lovely product – or range of products, I think you have a very satisfied customer. – Regards, Sylvia

Thank you so much.

Can I arrange to purchase the 500g bag of soap nuts, and 2 toothbrushes. I’ve used soap nuts for a few months now and they are really wonderful! I live on acreage in an area that doesn’t have town sewerage. All grey water is reused on the property, so soap nuts are a wonderful solution to the standard washing chemicals. Many thanks! – Myra